The average high temperatures in a typical Omaha winter are in the low 30’s, while the average high during the summers are in the high eighties.  If you like medium-hot days, your best bet is to visit during May, which has an average high of 74 degrees, or September, which has an average high of 77 degrees.  Since the humidity is fairly moderate, even the hottest summer days are doable.

If you are worried about the worst-case weather scenarios, the highest recorded temperature is 110 degrees, and the lowest recorded temperature is -23 degrees.  It snows 29.9 inches a year, with December to March getting between 5 and 7.5 inches of snow each month.  The city is located 980 feet above sea level, not high enough to experience any breathing problems because of the altitude.

There is nothing particularly odd or extreme about Omaha’s weather (minus the odd blizzard or tornado), and so as long as you bring the right clothes, you can visit any time!