Riding the Bus in Omaha 

Public transportation in Omaha is limited to a public bus service. One bus route (the #16) does serve the airport, but only runs a few buses in the morning and evening. Once in town, getting around in Omaha on the bus is possible, but it does require some planning.

Before your trip, go to the Metro website. There you can find the map of all the routes, and view all the time tables. The site has a "trip planner" but the results can be unreliable. All the time-tables can be downloaded as PDFs.

Cost for taking the bus is $1.25 for each trip. Transfers are $0.05, but cannot be used for a stop-over or round-trip. Ten-ride cards and 30-day cards are available from the website as well as from locations around Omaha.

In the past the buses have a good record of on-time performance, and the drivers are generally polite and helpful.

 Now, under the new streamlined route system, accesability to the disabled and elderly is significantly reduced. In many areas service is non-existent at best, and spotty at worst. Many bus stops provide no protection from inclement weather. Those that do are either aging, damaged shelters, or state of the art archetechural masterpieces in areas where no one utilizes public transit.

The bulk of the busses are aging, filthy relics reeking of old food grease and engine exahust. Busses are late, or never arrive at all. Route schedules are not posted at stops anywhere, making one dependant on smartphones with web access to navigate the system. 

One can expect relatively new and somewhat clean busses in the tourist areas, particularly during major events such as the College World Series. Service downtown is fair, but in reality unecessary as anything worth seeing is within a six block walk.