Many people only know Omaha from the Counting Crows song (“Omaha / Somewhere in the middle of America”), but Omaha is a surprisingly happening place.  If it's theater you want, Omaha has the nation’s largest community theater.  Founded in 1925 by Marlon Brando’s mother, the Omaha Community Playhouse puts on a good show.  If you prefer symphony music or opera music, visit Omaha’s Orpheum Theater or the world-class Holland Performing Arts Center

If music is your thing, but not the fancy opera kind, but rather the rock and roll kind, you’ll be happy to hear that there are many rock groups that hail from Omaha, such as 311 and Elliot Smith.  Hear the latest groups at the Slowdown, downtown or at any of the bars in the Benson neighborhood.

If you aren’t looking for the splendor and grace and sophistication of theater, music, and opera, or the rumbling edginess of rock and roll, perhaps the Old Market district is your bag.  This recently revived area has lots of shops, restaurants, and pubs.  You can spend hours walking along these streets, as it is home to various street performers who perform on its uneven brick roads.  If you get thirsty from your jaunt, stop into one of the converted warehouse pubs and order yourself up a brew.