Oak Ridge Cemetery dates from the late 1850s and is known worldwide as the final resting place of the Lincoln family. In addition to the Tomb, the state's Vietnam Veternans memorial is also located at the cemetery. Several prominent state politicians including Shelby Moore Cullom and John Tanner are interred or entombed here, as is the labor leader John L. Lewis. Near the old receiving vault, where Lincoln's remains were first laid, is the section for Spanish-American soldiers. Two mausoleums near the main entrance on Monument Avenue are of interest to historians, particularly the older one to the west of the entrance gates. The oldest graves are to the right of Lincoln's Tomb as you enter from Monument Avenue. There is a Civil War reenactment of the retiring of the colors on summer evenings, as well as a remembrance ceremony at/near the April anniversary of Lincoln's death.

 Be sure to rub the nose of Lincoln's bust, or any of the shiny spots you can reach, for good luck.