The village of Woodstock has little crime. However, like anywhere a traveler might go the opportunist thief can strike. Every week the Vermont Standard (the oldest weekly paper in the state) reports on incidents that the village police have attended. Most weeks it contains such gems as the same cat removed from the same tree twice in one week, returning lost wallets to local citizens or finding shop doors unlocked at night. However, there are unfortunately incidents of personal posessions being removed from vechicles and visitors loosing cameras, etc.

Having said that, the local village police, in order to protect the safety of locals and visitors alike, do enforce the 25mph village speed limit and stop tractor trailer units that are too long/heavy and check for safety compliance. The Town of Woodstock has recently contracted with the Village Police to provide emergency service and speed enforcement on town main streets, so visitors and residents should follow posted speed limits. Having said that one rarely sees Vermont plated cars being stopped. Enforcement of speed limits has caused some out of state visitors with out of state plates, to write to the Vermont Standard complaining about the rather "heavy handed" attitiude of the village police. One might suggest a slightly more enlightened policy of guideance rather than fines, would encourage visitors to the town, to respect the posted speed limits.

In general the whole area is considered very safe and some folks actually leave their cars unlocked all night! Being sensible and to protect any insurance you might have, don't follow suit. There is sadly a drug problem in Vermont like anywhere else in the world. As we know people who are desperate to feed a habit will do anything neccessary to get goods to sell. 

Long may this rural community keep its charm and peace.