Some pic's from the site

Blakes on the Park has 7 drag shows a week and is the most popular gay neighborhood bar in Midtown.

They open at 3pm and have a nice happy hour crowd. The people are a mix of older and younger all ages 21 and up.

ZERO attitude, which is rare! 

A place with such a good mix of ages and a laid back feel that extends into the night time. Again a super diverse mix of people which is refreshing since most "gay" bars have a certain type they want.

 Blake's offers a shuttle bus Wednesday night through Saturday that takes you back and forth from their sister club WETbar all night long as well as picking you up if your in the area! Which is awesome as you don thave to drive for a night out!

 Blake's really gives a feeling of community and coming together no mater what your background or clothing style.

 Check out their myspace page as well: to see pictures and updates.