Hisaronu Monday market covers an entire town block, and has all the same goods you'd see in the shops in Olu Deniz.....shoes, belts, handbags, t-shirts, glittery glass candle holders, painted ceramic ware, and silver jewellery. It is possible to buy these items at a slightly cheaper price than the Olu Deniz shops, which entails very hard bargaining. Hisaronu market also has fresh fruit and veg, spices, and dried fruit at very reasonable prices.

There are virtually no Artisan stalls selling unusual handicrafts...one bead lady selling handmade bracelets, and a man selling handcrafted wooden toys were there on May 19th 2014.

The benefit of Hisaronu Monday market is the experience, stalls clustered close to each other under tarpaulins teeming with what appears to be tourists being hassled by noisy vendors. The fruit, veg, and spice section is uncovered, and offers a quiter, authentic, vibe