Morristown has a great night life.  Options range from pubs, clubs and lounges. 

Some things to know are:

  1. Last call is 1:30am (so get out on the town early)
  2. Morristown can range from packed to empty with no ryme or reason so give it a few chances
  3. Few places have covers (see below) so you can bar hop
  4. Parking is free after 8 on the street and in most parking decks (excluding the Hyatt deck and the new deck on Dehart)
  5. Cabs are not incredbilly easy to find so if you need one call ahead
  6. The main streets for bars are South Street/Washington right by the green and  dehart (right off of south street). There are other bars within a few blocks of the green (the central park in town) in every direction.

Bars often change names so the list below may be out of date:

Famished Frog - late 20s - 30s crowd at night, pub with darts and foozball

Dublin Pub - small place with older crowd

Tavern Off the Green


The Grasshoper - pub with younger crowd at night

Pazzo Pazzo - lounge

Tashmoo - lounge

Dark Horse 20s scene - club

Sauna 13 - lounge/bar - 20s scene

Palm Bar - on the other side of town, away from all other bars.  Big club.