Delving back into ancient history of the land where Natchez now sits, the first group of people to inhabit this area occurred about 12,000 years ago. Around 2,000 years ago the Native Americans that resided here made the first distinguished communities and crafts that we now have artifacts of.  The Natchez Indians had been thriving as a strong cultural community for an astounding amount of time.

Europeans arrived on the scene in the 1700s and shortly after a French fort went up: Fort Rosalie. The area had great soil and was promising for a variety of crops. But virtually all energies went to the cotton industry. Soon the cotton industry was booming around the same time that Natchez joined America officially in 1716.

When it seemed like business could only get better and better and the city more prosperous, naturally challenges arose. Competition came in nearby states with large cotton plantations and shortly after the Depression brought devastation to the whole country. Only to get worse, a destructive tornado tore carelessly through Natchez killing many and toppling over buildings. But Natchez bounced back, after the Civil War, cotton business was reviving.