This is an experience that cant be missed. Doesnt matter what age you are, the team make you feel special. An awesome experience, free-falling with the Tasman Sea on one side and Mt Cook on the other. Totally safe as you are harnessed to one of the experienced instructors, they do all the work and you just go along for the ride. It is the ultimate experience. There is as choice of heights to jump from, I did the 12000 ft and now planning on doing the 18000 ft.  There is the option to have a DVD taken and photos taken, a great idea to take back home and show to friends and family.

Once checking in at the office situated at the Book Store, you are then met by one of the crew and taken out to the airfield. Then given instructions on how the jump is going to happen and what you have to do. Very easy and you are reassured that at all times you are in the hands of very experienced people. Then onto the plane and the expereince begins.

Totally recommend trying this, even if you are afraid of heights, the views and the sensation cant be beaten.