The prevailing culture in Corpus Christi is that of the thousands of Mexican-Americans and other people of Hispanic origin who call the city home.  As with all of Texas, Corpus Christi was once part of Mexico, and for a brief time part of the Republic of Texas, an independent nation before becoming part of the United States. 

Mexican culture permeates much of the city and its institutions from its architecture and street names, to its food, music and art.  The ocean and beach lends a good dose of  vacationing Texans wearing Hawaiian shirts and flip flops. Near by Port Aransas is a big vacation spot for young and old with it's beach bum attitude and layed back surf shops. 

Corpus Christi is also home to a number of cultural organizations both Hispanic and non-Hispanic.  The city has several art galleries, museums, and musical organizations.  For a more complete listing of Corpus Christi’s cultural attractions see the Convention and Visitors Bureau’s website