Over the centuries, Brownsville history has been impacted by the political an economic developments in both United States and Mexico. The museums and historical sites in Brownsville acknowledge this common history. Located at FM 511 and Paredes Line Road, Palo Alto Battlefield National Historic Site evokes the place where the first battle of US-Mexican War took place. At nearby Resaca de la Palma, find the site of the second battle of that war (Port Isabel Museum houses an extensive collection of objects from uniforms to weapons from this war).

Visit Historic Brownsville Museum. Located at 641East Madison Street, this Spanish Colonial style building is a historical landmark that housed the Southern Pacific Depot in the Twenties. The museum includes collections of photographs,maps, artifacts and furniture that span more than one hundred years of the city's history. For detais about upcoming events, check the museum's website at http://www.brownsvillemuseum.org.

Go back to the times of the Spanish exploration and colonization of the territory and visit Museums of Port Isabel a complex of three museums: Port Isabel Historic Museum, the Treasures of the Gulf Museum and Point Isabel Lighthouse. Know about three Spanish shipwrecks from 1554 and be immersed in the story of the region beginning in the times when it was inhabited by Coahuilitican Indians.

Visit Palmito Hill, the site of the battle that marked the end of the Civil War. There is monument on Boca Chica Road where the battle took place.