Forget the car, skip high gas prices and get on the bus or streetcar as it may be - if you're in downtown San Antonio, that is. The public transportation system in the greater San Antonio area is efficient, inexpensive and easily accessible. VIA Metropolitan Transit encompasses approximately 102 bus lines and the downtown street car service and costs as little as $.80 cents a ride. It's also possible in the downtown area to get around to most of the attractions without ever stepping foot on public transportation. Just get out there and start walking.

If you're intent on driving, you shouldn't have too much trouble with traffic, as long as you avoid the rush hour commute. There are three interstate highways that go in and out of the central downtown area, another interstate that goes around it (if you're keen on avoiding downtown) and a whole mess of other roads that you'd think would lead to mass chaos, but traffic isn't as bad as you might think, most of the time anyway. Texas is one of the few states where the speed limit is 70 mph - so get ready for fast drivers.