Santa Fe has affectionately been called "Santa Gay" - and for good reason!  The history surrounding this wonderful town- called the City Different- is interesting from a gay cultural point of view.  I have been told that lesbians - although they weren't called that- were sent out from New England just about the time trust funds were invented- and since these daughters of these New England industrialists didn't need to marry to get their inheritance, they were sent to become "artists" in what was then the new place for the Anglos to populate- Santa Fe ,New Mexico!  Of course, since art (O'Keefe and the native Americans juried shows), literature (Lawrence), and later Opera (international in scope) became center points for Santa Feans- gay men soon followed, and it became known as 'bohemian" - always a code word for ":the gays are here" .  It is estimated that over 20% of the population are LGBT.  And so it is no wonder that the first Community for the Second 50 years designed for the LGBT population sprang up here- first in the USA- and first in the world to provide the elegance of community where LGBT people  live in the majority (don't forget to check out the lighting!!).  Its called RainbowVision Santa  Fe- and it serves as the community center, nightclub/cabaret  (the Silver StarLight Lounge)and houses the Billie Jean King Fitness Center (outdoor hot tubs, spa ) within its clubhouse - and of course - sports purple arches in its courtyard!  RainbowVision residences run from the active adult, independently owned condos , through apartment rentals all the way to The Castro- (which is what they call their assisted living floor-)  I stayed in their guest suites- and was flabbergasted that no one had told "me" about this jem.   It's a must see, make sure to have dinner at Garbo's - (their award- winning restaurant) and have it on your stop- nightlife happens here!!  (500 Rodeo Road)  Brokeback Mountain has nothing on this! 

Note (8/2016):  RainbowVision is no longer, now it is now a senior and assisted living community.  Still the same location and buildings, but the LGBT focus is not prominent.  Nightlife not so exciting.