The natural setting of Santa Fe consists of the rusty, Sangre de Cristo Mountains set against dramatic sunsets of all colors.  A sky-high desert plateau nestles Santa Fe. It is the highest capital in the United States (7,000 ft). Visitors find this elevation to be undetectable until the Winter when snow showers dust Santa Fe and the temperatures descend. Not to worry - there are over 300 days of sunshine yearly. The air is crisp and pure, no matter the season.

Contrary to illusion, the desert in Santa Fe has four distinct seasons with the following average, high temperatures:

  • Fall,
    • 70° F
  • Winter
    • 30 - 50°F during the day, 10-30 at night; six to eight snowfalls - or more. 
  • Spring
    • 80° F; warming up from 50°
  • Summer
    • 90° F; over 100° during particularly dry seasons

Evenings in Santa Fe are commonly 25° less than the afternoon temperatures. Prepare to have an extra sweater, jacket, or coat handy for all-day events. The most convenient time to visit Santa Fe depends upon a traveler's motivation.

Ski season begins in late November, usually opening Thanksgiving and the best snow occurs until mid March. Although, snow sometimes falls into early April. Hotels offer better rates in the winter than the summer. If skiing or low prices are not immediate, a visit during the Spring or early Fall offers mild weather.