Kos "LOST" Hummer tours provide top notch, one of a kind, unique touring in Oahu. The 5 hour tour takes you to a private ranch and valley were more than 60 movies were filmed. Tourguide, driver Jeff showed film clips on a portable DVD player while viewing certain locations. The off roading, scenery, and personality of Jeff, far exceed any expectations. The tour is like a kid in a candy shop for "LOST" fans, and jaw dropping gorgeous scenery for everyone.

Highlights included posing behind the "Jurassic Park" log, walking in "King Kong's" footsteps and posing with Hurley on his "LOST" golf course (film antic's provided by the talented drivers / designated photographers). Keep in mind sets have been removed from most of the locations, but passengers were still able to pose by Sayid's school house (prior to that episode being shown) and at various other locations such as the submarine pier etc.

Unique and 5 star quality is the best way to explain this professionally run, personable tour.