In Waikiki, you might feel like you’re overwhelmed by mediocre food at high prices or just plain fast food (Burger King, anyone?), but there is no lack of good food for cheap in Honolulu.

The Rainbow Drive-in on Kanaina Avenue offers reasonably priced plate lunches, accompanied with the requisite mac salad and rice. The plates are big so you may want to share.

Cheeseburger in Paradise, as kitschy as it is, offers food at decent prices considering its location on Kalakaua Avenu. You may even catch some live music if you’re there for dinner.

If you manage to make it over to the Chinatown area, the Maunakea Marketplace is a good stop for a variety of food for very little money. The food court offers Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, and Filipino dishes all around six bucks or so.

If you’re really on a budget, head straight to the Food Pantry on Kuhio Avenue instead of food shopping in one of the ubiquitous ABC stores. Here you get more variety (sushi grade ahi tuna, for example) with better prices. It is also a good place to pick up chocolate covered macadamia nuts in bulk that you're getting everyone as souvenirs. There is also a little food stand inside the market if you’re looking for prepared foods. Also, just inside the door on Kuhio is Beard Papa's- a concession for fresh cream puffs for a great, and reasonable dessert.

For those with accommodations that include a kitchenette, you don't have to have just plain toast with your breakfast when there's the St. Germain bakery on Kuhio near Seaside. When it's available, the sourdough bread makes great toast or sandwiches, but so does the french bread or baguette.

Ezogiku is a noodle shop on Kalakaua Ave. with great food at really good prices- the 3 item combo is under $10- how can you beat that, anywhere!