Yellowstone National Park Trip Reports


The Trip Advisor forums are a great source of information when planning a trip.  In particular, the trip reports that are posted in the forums provide a wealth of data and tips from travelers who have already visited a given area.  A great thing about these trip reports is the follow-up conversations that took place in the forum.  Make sure to read through the replies following the TR as there are often great suggestions and ideas contained there as well.

The following is a list of links to trip reports with a synopsis to help you decide which might be of the most use to you.

This first trip report was posted by OhioHick and describes the 11-day tour he and his wife took through Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks in late August and early September, 2011.  They stayed in the lodges in the parks (Old Faithful Inn, Roosevelt Frontier Cabin and Lake Hotel in YNP and Signal Mountain Lodge in GTNP).  The focus of their trip was hiking, landscape photography and looking for critters…and they had great success on all counts.  Warning this is a long, multi-part TR and includes links to reviews, photos and videos.

YNP_GTNP TR_by OhioHick

Here a trip report from NoTravelNoGain from her Labor Day 2009 trip to Yellowstone and Grant Teton (as she said, better late than never, as the TR was not posted until March 2012!). In addition to a detailed description of her adventures through the parks, there is also a list of very good tips at the end of the report.  She  spent time in Canyon, Lamar Valley and Upper Geyser Basin and others before heading to GT.  The TR covers the 2 days to get to YNP from Seattle and their 4 days in the park.

Here’s a short TR from lien from the fall of 2008.

Here’s the perspective on the park from wings1980 from the trip she and her DH took in the fall of 2009:

IlliniTrav posted a very nice TR on her excursion to YNP in the summer of 2009.  A key message is the need for flexibility when planning and while on your trip to the park.

Be sure to read reply number 3 from Fliposo.  I think that one is classic.

LornaDune wrote a very long and detailed trip report of her adventured during late August and early September 2012.  Links to photos and reviews are included in her TR:

Supratik also posted a long and detailed TR that rambled in several directions but was an enjoyable read with many great pictures.  Like LornaDune, it was obvious that Supratik and his family had a wonderful time in the park:

This is a rather old TR, from September 2006, but I included it as it “may be of help for some who have difficulty walking great distances” as the author, Oakmont suggested.

Animal watching is a primary reason that folks come to Yellowstone.  Hawkeye really put some time into wolf observation, as this TR from June 2009 shows:

And here is the conclusion to Hawkeye’s TR:

I thought tinmanizer's trip report on a wintertime photoworkshop focusing on wildflife was a great read.  I think it provides good insight on what it is like to be in the park in winter as well as the mindset of a serious photographer:

AKJ put together a very nice website to cover his travels which included several trips to Yellowstone.  He posted the link on TA in the past as a TR, but that link seems to be broken, so here’s the link to his main sight.  From here you can branch out and look at all the trips, including maps, photos and travel tips to Yellowstone:

Lodging is a key consideration when planning a trip to YNP.  In the park or outside is one point to address.  Kmesaaz provided the following description of her two night stay in West Yellowstone.  I think her quote “I  love this place” pretty much sums up her thoughts:

UKTravellerLondon_UK also based her 8-day visit in West Yellowstone and covered a lot of ground.  Here’s a short summary of her excursions:

Here’s a nice summary from wildgourd dated June 2008 covering their 10 day adventure in Jackson, GT and YNP.  No more Disney for this new park lover!

Here’s an account of a summer time trip to GT and YNP dated August 2009 from amusingdiva (great screen name!); the TR linked below only has her 3 days in Yellowstone.  I think they had a great trip, right up until her last slip…(you’ll have to read the TR to find out what this means).

Here’s a rather high-level overview of kykuhner’s 8-day trip to Yellowstone for her, her husband and her in-laws.  There are some good tips and ideas included.

Here’s a short TR describing one of voyaging’s trips to Yellowstone from June 2009, focusing on critter sightings:

The following short TR by jonta focuses on a camping, photography and animals (September 2010).

The following covers SilverStarfish’s trip to Wyoming in June 2010.  The trip covers Yellowstone and Grand Teton.

In August 2011, lou1600, her boyfriend and her mom took a trip to Glacier, Yellowstone, and Grand Teton.  She provided a very nice and detailed TR of her time in Wyoming:

Week long  July 2012 trip report family of 3 with 4 year old boy with great pictures roadtrip to Yellowstone from Texas: 


LornaDune & hubby's  trip with photos 8/26-9/6 2012


 LisViggers from Denmark: 13 persons (7 adults + 6 children – age 17, 15, 12, 10, 3, 1)  July  2012 in 3  rented 3 RV’s:


thbergs Winter Jan 2013 Trip Report:

thbergs' magnificent Winter 2013 photos Trip Wow slide show:

gymnast's Winter Trip video:

rg2000's April 25-28, 2013 trip with the Wild Side LLC:

denalicat's mid-may 2013 camping trip wildlife viewing:

timmyt85's week trip May 2013 with TripWow photo show:

travelingman's May 2013  5 day trip:

travelbug's May 24-27, 2013 trip:

VeeBee's May 23-27, 2013 trip with husband & dog Scooter:

sk's May 31-June 4, 2013 trip:


DH & hubby from Pittsburg  2 week trip June 2013 Denver-RMNP-Jackson- Coulter Bay Grand Tetons- OF Budget Cabin Yellowstone-Canyon Frontier Cabin- Roosevelt Roughrider Cabin- Red Lodge Montana Yodler Motel- Cody Budget Host- Casper Motel 6- Denver:

dreamcometrue's trip (staying in Paradise Valley), June 2013

KB's trip with wife & 2 children May 30-June 10, 2013:

2bhere's June 1-7, 2013 trip with great photo link:

gnp4me's family trip with focus on grizzlies, May 15-22, 2013:

 friendlyinsomniac's May 29-June 4, 2013 trip:

Perthlady's June 2013 trip with family including adult children:

Deb & grandson's June 12-17, 2013 trip last minute Roosevelt cabin, Bridge Bay tent camping, great wildlife photos:

D0bby's 6/12-17, 2013 trip +Yellowstone Association  Ghost Hotels Seminar:

StrangeTripper's family with kids week trip starting June 7, 2013 with TripWow photo show:

troyandmissy with family of teens & tweens 6/7-6/16, 2013 trip:

Deb & grandson's tent camping trip June 12-17, 2013 with fabulous photos:

Angela's June 2013 trip report:

walbe's family of 4 adults, June 7-11, 2013 trip:

Adrianna's June  2013 trip, wildlife emphasis, with photos:

Danick's June 19-26, 2013 trip:

SeattleBadger taking daughter to college, day & a half in the park July 1-2, 2013:

bluehighwaysPA trip June 22-30, 2013 flying in & out of Jackson & added pictures:

BillChe's trip Yellowstone/Tetons/Rushmore with wife June 28-July11, 2013 with photos:

TXPD's solo trip June 15-21. 2013:

JasonF's late June, 2013 trip with family with 2 kids:

diswish & spouse's July 4-13, 2013 trip flying in & out of Salt Lake City:

hmki's family group of 5  July 1-3, 2013 trip as part of national parks self-tour:

CDLSB's trip with husband & teen daughters agd 14 & 16, July 24-30, 2013:

PAMom & hubby's trip with 2 boys ages 12 & 14 including time in Cody July 26-Aug 2, 2013:


bromstravel road trip to Yellowstone from Ohio- Corn Palace- Bad Lands-Mt Rushmore-Yellowstone-Tetons couple with 3 children meeting 2 sets of grandparents in the park: 


Kathy's August 10-14, 2013 trip with 2 families including some camping:

CoryT & girlfriend's camping trip 8/8-19, 2013:

Sam from London's trip to Yellowstone August 2013 as part of a greater road trip with photos:

PermianBasinGeo2's trip report August 11-17, 2013:

mimicsb's family of 4 adults including avid photographer trip August 10-18, 2013

straychicken & hubby's trip with 3 1/2 yr old & 8 mo. old baby end of August 2013, OF Inn, Colter Bay cabins, Roosevelt cabin:


 Pudgy Groundhog, extended family with small child's trip report including week backpacking Wind River Range, Yellowstone, Tetons & Beartooth Mtns in August, 2013 with amazing photos:


Boilermaker & hubby's August 20-25, 2013 trip to GTNP & YNP flying in & out of Jackson, staying in Jackson, OF, & cabin  at Mammoth, including a photo-safari out of OF:

Couple from Florida's August 30-Sept. 3, 2013 trip report by Andi, with several ranger-led hikes:

kmboston's family of 4 (with 2 teenagers) trip in 30 ft. rental RV over Beartooth, Mammoth CG, Jackson, Colter Bay CG, & Canyon CG 8/15- 8/26, 2013:

August 2013 (year was a typo on report) family of 4 with 2 children road trip from Michigan to Chimney Rock,  GTNP & YNP, Devil's Tower, Mt Rushmore, Jewel Cave, etc. with truck & camping trailer/great blog with pictures by mister-mr-d:


yessah from Boston's trip-flight into Bozeman-motel in Gardiner- Lake Hotel cabin-Jackson. August 2013:



Kristene & hubby 8/29-9/7 2013 trip from Wisconsin to Little Big Horn, Beartooth Hwy, Roosevelt cabin, Togowotee Mt Lodge, OF cabin, Cody, Badlands:

CLM_Houston's family of 4 w/ adult kids trip Billings-Gardiner-OF Inn West Wing-Lake Hotel, 1st week of Sept. 2013:


HistoryBuff's Caravan Tour of Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Little Big Horn, Billings, Yellowstone OF Inn, Tetons, Ntl Oregon Trail, Salt Lake: 

thbergs trip to Yellowstone, Aug 28-Sept 9 2013, an incredible geyser-gazer report & backpacking trip into Wind River area:

EthelSue & hubby Sept 6-15, 2013 fly into Salt Lake City, staying in cabin with kitchen (Yellowstone River Cabin 4) near Gardiner & Luton's Teton Cabins (just outside of Moran) for GTNP:

ncmc, mid-30's couple from Ireland flying into Denver, road trip Rocky Mountain National Park, Grand Tetons & Yellowstone, August 31-Sept. 11, 2013:

Delight's Aug 3-12 2013  trip flying into Bozeman,Log Cabin Cafe B&B Silver Gate, Beartooth Hwy, Red Lodge Inn, Roosevelt cabin, Ranch Inn Jackson, rented motorcycle in Jackson, OF Inn,  OF cabin:

Peachbelle & hubby's mid-Sept 2013 trip, staying at OF Inn, with snow & TripWow photos:

AuburnTigerTravel & hubby's road trip  Sept. 6-21, 2013 from Alabama, to Badlands, Mt Rushmore, Custer SP, Cody, Red Canyon Wild Mustang tour, Yellowstone, Tetons & back home: 

CTBCalifornia's 14 day  late summer 2013 road trip from Calif. to Elko,  Jackson, Gardiner, West Yellowstone, Grant campground, Mammoth campground & Slough campground:

dandb & spouse from England road trip Sept. 2013- flying into SLC-GTNP- Yellowstone- OF- Canyon-Cody-Sheridan-Keystone-Devils Tower-Denver & link to photos:


 Australian Moary family of 5 with 3 teenagers tent camping in GTNP & Yellowstone as part of a longer roadtrip Sept 2-6 2013:


NY  Mike & wife wonderfully descriptive trip report 9/1-9/9/13, staying Jackson, Lake, Canyon, OF, Teton Village, his great descriptions of all there is between locales is great support for multiple lodging locations within the parks:


Rachael & hubby from England end of Sept. 2013 trip Denver-Rock Springs-Jackson-Old Faithful Inn-Yellowstone Hotel-Elk Horn Lodge Cooke City- Riverside Cabins Gardiner: 

Baraseth & partner's Sept 20 Oct.1 2013 trip with snow: