First thing to do after arrival : ask the taxidriver to take you around Southend to your destination, get a glimpse of the beauty of Great Corn Island. The other route takes you through the quite ugly "downtown" and gives you the wrong picture!

A must: Scuba diving, snorkeling!!! The underwaterworld is spectacular, you can snorkel off the beach at Sally Peachy or arrange for a boat trip with the dive center. Diving at all levels, courses are available.

Fishing is another option to spend a day , trolling and flyfishing are offered. 

Great beaches: picnic center beach in south west bay , long bay beach, small beaches around the whole island, water is always warm and turquoise, usually calmest at picnic center beach, shallow waters just perfect for children

Horsebackriding with a very friendly local guide is fun, also for beginners, ask hotel staff how to make contact with Chele

The same guy takes you on a hike around "El Bluff", fantastic views, and to the "swampo" and view tower , rainforest vegetation...take water and good shoes

Eat the local dish Rondon, does not look so good, but the taste is unforgettable, seafood and veggies boiled in coconutmilk.

Corn Island economy is based on lobster fishing, you can get lobster at restaurants for low prices, but often you will be served undersized illegal babylobstertails.l

Another treat  is fresh coconutbread, available in small pulperias and home bakeries, ask around.

Rent a bicycle or golfcart to get around the island, it is worth exploring, and meet locals, they are really friendly, but you have to make the first move, they do not molest tourists. Well, maybe when drunk at one of the bars....

Party at Reggae Palace or Nicos and watch the islanders dance, unforgettable. Favorite music is soca, reggae and believe it or not: country music.

Enjoy cold beers at one of the many local hangouts, often just the pulperia at the corner without any sign. 

Watch sunsets , a tropical thunderstorm is also quite an experience.

If you happen to be on the island on Sunday, watch a baseballgame in the local stadion, great party with a lot of beer.-and dancing across the road in the produce store. 

Corn Island is a relaxed and quite untouristic place yet, do not expect shopping malls, there is a small giftshop that offers crafts from local artesans, postcards and local music.

27 to 29 August the islanders celebrate Emancipation from Slavery with a festival, election of Miss Corn Island, cultural events, dance performances and the famous crab soup, that is prepared  by the neighborhood communities and shared with visitors during a happy party on the soccerfield in South End .

Stay away from people who offer all kind of illegal stuff, they will rip you off, in general the island is peaceful and not dangerous, but there are bad guys like everywhere else. Take a taxi to get around after 10 pm. Listen to warnings of hotel staff about mugging.