Cycling in Palafrugell, Calella and Llafranc. 

There is a superb cycle route from Palafrugell to Palamos along the route of the the old 'Petit Tren'. The route is very flat and very well maintained. However, you shouldn't stop at the dedicated routes. Most of the footpaths (camis) are wide enough and flat enough for you to use on a mountain bike without a hair raising downhill ride. 

The best routes are from Calella over the ridge and to the flat valley where you will find the hamlet of Ermedás. Take Carrer Chopitea from the centre of Calella up the hill and over the crossroads. Take the next left onto C/Primavera and second right onto C/Tenerife. You'll see the bike track just past the car park at the end. This takes you towards Palafugell. 

When you reach the Tarmac'd (metalled) road at the end, turn left towards Ermedás.

 As you go thru the hamlet, you can see a little cart track on the left (just before a house called Can Prat) this takes you back up to Calella in quite a steep ride.

 Ignore that if you're not feeling too energetic. 

 Having gone thru the hamlet you'll see a brown sign pointing right for Palamos. 

 Straight on leads to Cap Roig and the Botanical Gardens if you want to see that but it's quite steep so go right for Palamos. 

At the end of this track you reach a Tarmac'd road. Go right and take the lovely downhill ride to the bottom of the hill.

 The road turns to the left but straight ahead is a little track with a stream across it.  

 Ride across the first little stream and take the bridge over the second stream. 

You are then at the Petit Tren bike track.

 Go left for Palamos and enjoy Castels beach some 4km away or go right to return towards Palafugell. 

At the junction in the bike track, take the right (left goes to Mont Ras and Palafugell town) and continue on to the end.

 To return to Calella you can go right and then left back onto the track you took at first or go left until the road at the end. Turn left here until you reach the Carrefour roundabout and then turn right onto the cycle / footpath at the side of the dual carriageway back to Calella or Llafranc. 

At a slow / medium pace this should take you 75 minutes

There's loads more. You can buy a map of the footpaths from the paper shops. A good one is called Mapa de L'Empordanet by Edicions Baix Emporda SL that shows all the footpaths, cycles tracks and country lanes for the whole of the area. 

You can rent cycles at lots of places. Lots of people use who deliver to Calella and Llafranc but there are lots of other places.