Playa Blanca is situated in the southern tip of the volcanic Island and originally was a small fishing village. Over the last 30 years it has developed into a resort area however it has retained its traditional character and is one of the less crowded resorts on the Island .

Diving in the crystal clear waters of Lanzarote is an experience not to be missed! The variety of marine life and dive sites, as well as night diving, will get you hooked on the island.  Watching Angel sharks glide though the water is worth capturing on camera. The warm climate in Lanzarote means diving all year round. The geographical position of the islands means they enjoy the extremely clear waters as well as temperatures ranging between 18 and 25 degrees.   

There are a number of dive schools or colleges situated in Playa Blanca and can be found easily along the promenade which stretches from the Papagayo Beaches to The Faro at Pechiguera. Offering dive experiences, courses and guided boat and shore dives daily are: Dive College, Rubicon Diving, and Dawn Dives Academy.

Dive College Lanzarote is the only dive centre situated on the beach. They have guided dives directly in front of the dive centre and access to their boat in the bay. Comfortable setup and great atmosphere.