Malapascua is a small island 30 minutes ride by bangka (outrigger boat) from Maya on Cebu Island Travel time from Cebu City is around three hours by taxi or five hours by bus, the latter from the North Bus Terminal.  The Cebu City suburbs can be extremely busy with traffic from heavy trucks to pedal powered tricycles, so this restricts the average speed of Ceres Liner buses.  A toilet stop is made en route.

It is a small island, mostly a coral cay, with clear waters, white beaches and palm trees. The island has become famous for the chance of seeing Thresher Sharks on the nearby Monad Shoal, but there is much more to see diving in its waters and the nearby islands.

If you aren't into diving or snorkelling, then there is not much to do but lie down on the beach or go for a walk and get lost in the maze of local houses.  A walk all the way around can be undertaken in about 90 minutes. It will allow you to discover beautiful points like the lighthouse. However, if diving is your thing then this is a great place.  As mentioned, there is a chance to see the Thresher Shark but this will involve leaving on the dive boat at 0530 - 0600. There are a few good dives sites around the island, with good coral and lots of macro life, and some wrecks as well. Especially beautiful is Gato Island, which is a protected park and offers some of the best diving in the area. 

Malapascua is a coral cay, so don't expect to find cash points or banks. The vast majority of transactions need to be in cash - the places that do take credit cards can charge up to 10 per cent for transactions. There are no internet cafes, but some resorts and restaurants offer WiFi.

  **December 2014 update**

Just a note to let everyone know the island suffered minimal damage from Typhoon Ruby. Dive shops and hotels are operating as normal