Most people arrive in Sarigerme via Dalaman International Airport.  It has an old and new terminal, which are approximately 400m away from each other. International flights use the new terminal while the old one is now used for domestic flights

The arrivals hall can get very busy if several flights arrive at the same time. However, obtaining a visa for U.K. passport holders (valid for a stay of  90 days) is easily done for a cost of £10 per person (September 2009). These can be obtained from the various kiosks next to immigration/passport control on the right hand side. After having the visa stamp inserted into your passport you will then have to queue at the adjoining immigration/passport control, after showing your passports with valid visas you will be able to enter the baggage hall to reclaim your baggage.

Alongside the baggage hall there is a large duty free shop with a wide selection of goods on offer. Tobacco and alcohol are priced cheaper than the U.K. e.g. 200 Regal and L&B are available for approx £18, 1 ltr of spirit from £8 to £12 depending on brand (September 2009).

Transfer to Sarigerme will take about 20 minutes. If using a taxi this will cost you approx £20 one way, cheaper rates can be had by arranging with a local tour company in Sarigerme to carry out a return transfer.

It is also a good idea to try and get to the airport early for your departure - if you arrive at the same time as a coach you will be waiting quite some time to get through security to even check in. Prior to reaching the check in desks you will have to go through a security screening process (you are permitted to take bottles of water through this screening). Be aware that the charges for being overweight with your baggage allowance can be expensive. Also, some airlines will not allow you to pool your baggage, so make sure you have distributed your allowance equally before arriving at the airport. If there are any smokers in your party then be aware that there is no smoking areas at all within the airport building.

Once you have checked in your luggage you will have to queue at passport control to enter the departure area where you will find a large selection of duty free shops and on the upper level a food hall with very expensive food establishments. It would be prudent to bring food with you to the airport or otherwise be prepared to pay a expensive premium for the privilage.

Keep an eye on the many flight information screens as announcements are not always made. As you enter the departure area you will again go through a security screening process, each departure gate has its own seating area with a vary small cafe supplying a limited selection of food and drink.