Ibiza Cathedral 


The Ibiza Cathedral is located at Plaça de la Catedral s/n. The first church to be established in Ibiza took place in 1235, after the Christian conquest of Ibiza. The present church was built in the 16th century with the Gothic style. It has a bell tower with a trapezoidal ground plan and a polygonal apse with five chapels. The bell tower has an important set of bells that date to the 16th and 17th centuries, and these have been recently restored. In the 18th century (between 1715 and 1728) the church was restored by Jaume Espinosa and Pere Ferro. In 1782 Pope Pius VI made the church the Cathedral of the island. Among the works of art in the Cathedral are a gilt silver Gothic monstrance made by Francesc Marti in 1399, two Gothic panels of Saint Tecla and St. Anthony painted by Francesc Cornes in the 14th century, and two panels showing St. James and St. Matthew painted by Valenti Montoliu in the 15th century.