Torre del Mar is a very Spanish resort - quite difficult to find English spoken. Very quiet in March. Bus station has buses (not that frequent) to surrounding areas but staff do not speak English so it can be difficult to access information. There is no tram service to Velez Malaga, although this is still being advertised. It stopped ages ago because of a dispute over funding it. 

An interesting street market on Thursdays, although teeming with pickpockets.  BE VERY CAREFUL INDEED. A number of purses and wallets are stolen each week. 

You can get barged from both sides while just about to get on to a bus by two people on the pretense of asking the driver if he is going to a destination, and your purse can be stolen in the melee. aThe Bus Station itself is another favourite haunt of the pickpockets.

Also very difficult to report to Police as no-one speaks English and you are involved in telephoning Madrid and reporting it through an interpreter!

It is a small pleasant resort with plenty of restaurants etc. and a pleasant long seafront, but not a place for "party animals". 

Torre del Mar is a very Spanish resort where, especially at weekends in the summer, locals descend to the beach and turn it into an umbrella paradise... It is a very family friendly place, with lots of play facilities near the beach for little ones. During the summer, there is a fun park with rides, and in the evening lots of free entertainment.

The restaurants offer good day menus at around 6-7 Euros, with especially basic food such as fried squid, pork and chicken. The beach restaurants (Chiringuitos) also offer a similar menu, but at a higher cost (around 9 Euros) and that deal usually not available Sat-Sun.

Lots of places offer cocktails and having tried a few, some are not good value. On the other hand, food in the shops and supermarkets is very reasonable (good wine is less than 5 Euros, beer much cheaper) and if you have a balcony you might as well purchase drinks in the shop and enjoy the view! Note that supermarkets close for siesta but are open late.

There are lots of helladerias, ice cream parlours, and the choice is overwhelming. All restaurants are open late at night and seeing families eating at 22.00 or 23.00 is not uncommon.

 There are no British pubs nor German beer gardens, although the odd cafe will offer a pint (around 3 Euros) Overall a great Spanish experience if this is what you are looking for.