Plaza Ochavada

The most important place to visit in Archidona is the Plaza Ochavada. This is an octagonal plaza built between 1786 and 1789, the most important building constructed in the 18th century. Its style is the Spanish Baroque. The builders were the local master builders Francisco Astorga Frias and Antonio Gonzalez Sevillano. The plaza is totally enclosed and has three arches that allow communication with the outside world. Each of the eight facades is different but harmonic with the whole. The walls of the buildings are whitewashed, but there is red brick that gives a contrast. This structure is considered one of the most important Baroque buildings in Andalusia, and one of the most beautiful. The plaza was used for bullfights until 1960. Today it contains the Town Hall and the Tourism Office beside it. The plaza is used for cultural purposes for Holy Week, the August Fair, and the Dog Fair. In 2007 it received the title of First Marvel of the Province of Malaga.