Åre has over the last years became the "adventure Mecka" of Scandinavia and some people say it´s like a "temapark" with real activities and adventures for both adults and families. The surrondings of the village and all activities is great and the menu of experiences with all  things to do is long, all year around. In winter there is wintersports and in summer there is a wide range of all types of activities for all types of tastes.

In summer hiking and downhill is two of the most popular activities in Åre but the list of what you can do in summer can be very long and some examples is rafting, hillcarting, hiking, zorbing, moosegarden, rent electric bikes, fishing, waterball, kayaking, stand up paddleboard, climbing and much, much more. In winter slalom, snowboarding and cross country skiing is popular but you can also go snowmobile, airboarding, dogsledding, ice fishing, snowbike, ice climbing and  zorbing on snow. Åres official website is www.visitare.com and if you like to contact some of the companies that offer adventures, check out  Explore Åre , Äventyrligt  and Jope fors och fjäll.

Snowshoe rest

There is also a lot of nice places to visit in daytrips like the beautiful waterfalls in Tegefjäll or Tännforsen in Duved or Ristafallen between Undersåker and Järpen.