Ciovo Island is a beautiful place - extremely hot in the summer, but please please be aware that if you are staying in an apartment away from the immediate beach area it can be a steep climb back up from the beach! If you are a bit overweight, suffer from asthma or the slightest mobility problems, it is really worth thinking twice before booking. Combine the steep hills with up to 34 degree heat and it really is a marathon! The walk from some apartments to the nearest beach was about 10 minutes down a steep hill, about 30 up it! And the main bars and restaurants (and taxi boats to Trogir) can be a 25 minute walk. Other apartments are on the sea level or one-two rows back so check the photos before you book - these are more like a 3 minute down and 8 minute back kind of walk with restaurants 5-20 minutes walk.

Also be prepared for mosquitos in the summer months - take sprays and use plug-ins in your apartments. The pharmacists are also helpful.

A car would be a good idea, but some of the roads are very narrow, as said above, very steep, very crowded, and current prices are around £400 a week (summer 2012). Book early to get good prices and think about whether you need a car for the whole time - day hire is also available.

 The jetskis are about £70 for half an hour, but you can hire a motorboat for about £80 for a whole day - much better value and great fun!

 Also on the plus side, drinks are very cheap, and the wine is excellent quality for around 90p a glass in the bars, or £2 a bottle in the shops! For a decent bottle you are looking at less than £4. Strangely though, ordering a bottle is very expensive in restaurants - if drinking wine then ask for a house carafe as that is much more reasonable. And then you can have all the more as you know you will be walking it off on the way back to your apartment :-)