Playa Paraiso and Playa Sirena

As the names suggest, these beaches are extraordinary in every way.  Deep, fluffy, ghost white sand surrounded by crystal clear water.  Neither beach has any hotels as they are maintained in a natural state as part of a nature preserve.
 Paraiso's name is well deserved ("paradise beach").  Its waters are shallow and calm and you can walk for hundreds of meters out to sea in warm waist deep perfect blue...

There are few beach umbrellas at Playa Paraiso but not much natural shade.  There is also a small bar/snackbar that offers food, drinks and alcohol for a small price.

They don't always have food for sale at the Paraiso,snack bar so bring snacks just in case. There are more food choices at the Sirena snack bar. Playa Sirena is connected to Playa Paraiso and is the larger of the 2.  The beach is sheltered and the water is calm.  There are more umbrellas available at the Sirena than at the Paraiso. Getting to both beaches in the early morning is recommended to guarantee getting a chair, this is especially so at the Paraiso. Non- motorized water sports such as wind surfing, sailing & pedalos are available from the beach at no charge.  Additionally, snorkeling tours and other short excursions leave from this beach, however these must be paid.  Toilet & showering facilities available only at the Sirena Beach..