Church of La Aurora


The Church of Our Lady of Dawn was built on the site of the shrine to St. Nicasio, the patron saint of Priego and it was completed around 1528. Juan de Dios Santaella reconstructed the church in the 18th century. The church has a rectangular plan and an arched ceiling in five sections with windows. There are plaster figures of St. Peter, St. Paul, and the Evangelists. There is an exuberant Baroque plasterwork that covers the cupola, ceiling, and windows. The designs are geometric, and has designs of plants and flowers. There are also designs of angels. The main altar has the figure of St. Nicasio. The Chapel of the Virgin has a sculpture of the Virgin by Diego de Mora. There is a bell tower of Baroque design and the main door was completed in 1772 and is decorated with plenty of marble. There are two levels and the lower has Corinthian columns, while the upper part has spiral pillars that frame the niche of the Virign.