Things to see and do in and around Lucea include the following:

Fort Charlotte - Fort Charlotte is located on the seafront at the west side of the entrance to Lucea harbor. The fort was built in 1746 to protect Jamaica's North West from naval attacks. In 1761 it was given the name "Fort Charlotte" in honor of King George III's marriage to Queen Charlotte. The fort is said to be one of the best kept forts in Jamaica and has been visited by many notable figures, including Horatio Nelson and Captain Bligh.

The Court House - You can find the Court House on the main square in the center of Lucea. It is the most striking landmark in Lucea because of its grand clock tower. The clock tower was never actually intended to be in placed in Jamaica. It was dispatched to St. Lucia in 1817 but, due to a delivery error, ended up in Lucea.

Dolphin Cove - Dolphin Cove is a marine attraction located just east of Lucea. The park features its popular touch encounters and swim with Dolphins programs where visitors get the opportunity to pet them and hold them. Interactions with sharks are also available. Dolphin Cove is the largest marine park in the Caribbean with multiple locations in Jamaica.

Bulls Bay Beach - A public white sand beach, with small restaurant near by and a shop. The beach is safe and its a part of a community. If you gonna swim out very far, make sure you are a great swimmer because there is no lifegaured on location at the moment. Bulls Bay Beach is located just 5 minutes from the Grand Palladium Resort.

Additional attractions are located in Negril, about 25 miles west of Lucea, and in Montego Bay, about 25 miles east of Lucea.