If you are looking to continue traveling from Lezha, there are many places that you can go directly to.

By Minivan you can go to Kallmet, Rubik, Rreshen, Milot, Laç, Shkodër, and Tirana.  Kallmet is known for the wine it makes.  Make sure to try some while in the area.  Milot has the biggest flea market found in the north of Albania every Sunday morning.  You can find anything from socks, pots, nails, and livestock!  Laç is home to a famous Catholic church.  Every Tuesday for 13 weeks in winter/spring, people travel here to make the annual pilgramage to the church. It is said that if you touch your head to the stone you will be blessed with good fortune.  If you are looking to travel south, you must go to Tirana to continue on your journey.  Minivans will leave when they fill up.

By bus you can go to Shkodër, Tirana and Durrës.  Both the Shkodër and Tirana buses leave every hour on the hour from about 7am until 5pm (earlier and later during the summer).  There are only 2 buses that go to Durrës.  The first one leaves Shkodër at 7:15 am and arrives in Lezha around 8 am.  The second leaves Shkodër at 1pm and gets to Lezha around 1:45 pm.  Be early in case the bus is ahead of schedule!  They only stop long enough to drop off people getting off and pick up the people waiting.