Kefalos is a fantastic place to go and forget your troubles.

Many people return to kefalos year after year.
Kefalos never changes.

 If its the party scene you want then Kefalos is not for you.

If your ideal holiday, is sunshine, nice food, nice drinks and chatting the night away with friends
old and new, Greek and British then this is the place for you.

The beaches in Kefalos and on the outskirts are some of the best on the Island.

There are enough Tavernas that you can try a different one every night.
There are quite a few bars, and even a 24 hour food outlet.

 Kefalos is also still quite cheap, car hire is about €30 a day.
A meal for 2 with drinks is about €15 - 20

There are plenty of places to see, and trips to go on.

Capitan Yiannis boat trips are wort the money as is the Zia Greek night (the best in Greece!)

The water park just outside Mastihari is fantastic.

Kefalos hasn't changed with the times and gone all inclusive, its a part of Greece lets hope
never changes.