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  • One of the best Ritz Hotels I've been to!
  • Luxury Hotel -- best in class
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  • Perfection indeed
  • Perfection
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  • Fairmont Says it all, there are three in Vancouver This is the best!
  • Pre and Post Cruise
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  • Beautiful and spacious rooms; great service
  • Outstanding Staff!
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  • Great place to stay
  • Love this hotel
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  • Perfect location, great amenities
  • Elegant, Great Location, Pool Long Enough for Laps
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  • I wish I had a million dollars!
  • Lunch at Fogo Island Inn - reasonably priced way to enjoy such a gorgeous and unique place!
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  • Shangri-La is an excellent hotel
  • Beautiful hotel in the heart of Vancouver
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  • Excellent Stay and Experience!!!
  • Best experience ever!
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  • Best Place for a Toronto stay
  • Absolutely outstanding!
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