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  • Wonderful stay for my husbands birthday
  • Marvelous hotel in the heart of Reykjavik
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  • Excellent location & amenities
  • Stylish and Accommodating
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  • Amazing location and views in a historic hotel on a rural fjord
  • nice hotel
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  • Expectations significantly exceeded.
  • Perfect for a family
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  • Intimate and very special wedding venue!
  • Beautiful and luxurious hotel
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  • Convenient location offering good value
  • Perfect, walked to almost everything
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  • An Excellent Place to Stay In Hveragerdi
  • Excellent, especially the breakfast
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  • Cozy Hotel!
  • Excellent location
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  • Wonderful Way To End Our Iceland Trip
  • A Beautiful Anniversary
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  • Great place to stay outside Reykjavik
  • Beautiful location, warm welcome and comfortable stay
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