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  • Great cosy house with friendly staff
  • Again a great stay at Villa Strandvagen
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  • This is a Lady with Taste and Grace.
  • Love this place!
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  • Staying at Ett Hem feels like staying in someone’s twelve-bedroom house. Every member of the staff was friendly and outgoing, and they create a comfortable, casual environment.
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  • Great place in a lovely location
  • Perfect couple's get-away
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  • Excellent hotel, excellent staff
  • Near central station and all of Malmo
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  • Spa weekend with fantastic food
  • Awesome experience in a prime location
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  • An old world experience in an historic city
  • Great accommodation and very recommendable
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  • Exactly what we were looking for!
  • A perfect place to stay!
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  • Excellent views and magnificent dinner
  • Really nice!
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  • Great hotel in a fantastic get-away-place
  • Almost too good for its location
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