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  • Best location: Snorkeling, SCUBA on the beach
  • Best Hotel in Roatan (but beware of the ninja mosquitos!)
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  • Second time around satisfied!
  • Always a pleasant experience
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  • Best All-Inclusive Dive Operation
  • We have stayed at this resort 14 times and plan to return.
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  • Amazing place to get away from everything
  • Outstanding Place to relax, rewind and reset!
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  • Absolute great service all around!
  • Excellent service
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  • Superb Guest Service, Customer Attention and Location
  • Family visit
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  • Great Hotel. Amazing people
  • Great Place to Relax
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  • A lovely oasis in Copan village
  • Best hotel in town.
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  • Nice Stay. Comfortable. Nice flavors!
  • We just keep coming back
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  • Words can’t describe the beauty
  • Gray dives
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