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  • Best family holiday!
  • Relaxed and serene
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  • An Oasis away from the busy town
  • Amazingggggg!
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  • Best place to relax after climbing Mt Kilimanjaro
  • Family holiday.. Paradise
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  • Unforgettable experience in a beautiful place
  • Gorgeous
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  • Great for families
  • Paradise
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  • Kenyan hospitality at its very best
  • Extremely friendly and beautiful place
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  • Best place to stay in Tsavo West
  • A fantastic taste of Tsavo West.
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  • Amazing safari lodge! I can live here for the rest of my life!
  • Great over-nighter
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  • Literally best experince in diani
  • Understated elegance on a beautiful beach
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  • No place will be as magic as Blue Bay in Watamu
  • My love Africa !
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