FAQ: Recent Changes to Tripadvisor Site Security

Recent changes to Tripadvisor security settings may be causing interruptions within your Google Analytics results.

Recently, Tripadvisor improved security for users by transitioning to a HTTPS-secured site. This change protects site visitors by encrypting the information that’s shared between their browsers and Tripadvisor. It also allows users to see that they are using the authentic Tripadvisor site in their browsers’ web address box.

Will this change impact my business?

Your business should be receiving the same Tripadvisor traffic as before. However, some businesses are reporting that they can no longer view Tripadvisor referral traffic in Google Analytics. This will happen if your website is not a HTTPS-secured site or your Google Analytics account has been configured to just look for referral traffic from www.tripadvisor.co.uk in general. Businesses with websites that are already HTTPS-secured, as well as those using customised URLs to track the performance of specific links from their Tripadvisor pages, are not impacted.

My Google Analytics tracking isn’t working. What can I do?

We recommend businesses use customised URLs to measure traffic from Tripadvisor in Google Analytics. While Google Analytics cannot measure referral traffic from a HTTPS-secured to an unsecured website, it can measure the clicks to a specific, customised URL on your own website. Typically, these customised URLs have some extra characters that don’t impact the user but can be seen in Google Analytics. By only using that customised link on your Tripadvisor listing, you will see the number of clicks you receive from Tripadvisor.

Learn more about customised URLs and how to create them, in the second section of this article.

Am I still getting clicks to my website from my Tripadvisor listing?

Yes. The links to your website from Tripadvisor remain the same as they were before the change. If you click on any link on your Tripadvisor listing, you’ll be sent to the correct URL.

Why did this change impact my analytics?

A HTTPS-secured website will not pass user information to a site that is not HTTPS-secured (one using HTTP). As a result, Google Analytics cannot collect data on referral traffic from the secured to the unsecured site. If you are not using a HTTPS-secured site, your Google Analytics account will not be able to track referral traffic from Tripadvisor, now that it’s HTTPS-secured.

How can I tell if my site is secure?

The easiest way is to look at the site’s web address. Addresses that start with “https” are secured sites. Some web browsers also display a lock or green box in the web address box to easily show the site is secure.  

Last Updated: 8 April 2016