Congratulations on your TripAdvisor Recognition – Now Spread the Word!

Get tips on promoting your recognition with social media, TripAdvisor, traditional marketing, your website, events and more.

Congratulations on your accomplishment!

Receiving a Travellers’ Choice award or a Certificate of Excellence recognition isn’t easy, but promoting it can be.

Read on for a variety of creative tips to help you spread the word about your latest distinction. In no time, you’ll go from receiving a prestigious award to winning new business.

Get tips for promoting your achievement…

Promoting your award on TripAdvisor

Update your business description
Your TripAdvisor listing will automatically feature your recent recognition, though it still helps to mention your achievement in your business description. It just takes a few seconds, so why not update this the next time you’re in the Management Centre?

Pose with your award
Adding photos to your listing helps increase engagement, and a shot of you and your staff with the printed certificate or award is a great photo opportunity. 

Mention your achievement in Management Responses
Think of this tip like offering a discount – it will capture attention, but you don’t want to do it all the time. Reference it when it seems natural, such as, “I’ll speak with our housekeeping staff so they keep this in mind from now on. As a Travellers’ Choice award winner, we’re always looking for ways to give our guests the best possible experience.”

Tip for accommodation subscribers: Create a celebratory Special Offer
If you’re an accommodation subscriber, you can create Special Offers to grab the attention of travellers on TripAdvisor. Test one that promotes your achievement and offers travellers a special deal or perk to celebrate with and thank guests.

Promoting your award using social media

Post your award on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites
Engage with existing fans and create new ones by sharing the news in social forums. If you have the popular TripAdvisor Facebook App, you can add your designation to the “Praise from TripAdvisor Travellers” section. Don't forget to use the #CertificateofExcellence hashtag when promoting your achievement!

Ask travellers why they think you received this recognition on TripAdvisor
Drive engagement and raise awareness by asking fans and followers what it is about your business that stands out most in their minds? Don't forget to include the #TravelersChoice or #CertificateOfExcellence hashtag so even more people can discover your exclusive status.

Include photo or video when you post
People who like you on Facebook are more likely to see your announcement post if you include a visual. For instance, add a picture of some staff posing with the framed award or printed certificate and include a video of you thanking travellers for the recognition.

Update your social media background photos
Use a photo of your Travellers' Choice award or Certificate of Excellence recognition as your Facebook cover image or Twitter background image. A timely and impressive way to refresh your social media presence? Now that's something to "Like."

Congratulate other local recipients
Retweet their Certificate of Excellence or Travellers' Choice announcements and congratulate them on Facebook. Why? It will encourage them to do the same for you, and you’ll strengthen your relationship with other leading hospitality businesses. To get you started here’s a sample tweet: “@OtherBusiness Congratulations on receiving a 2016 #TravelersChoice award too! We’re honored to be in such great company.”

Post a celebratory property photo
Pinterest and Instagram are ideal for sharing photos. Put some thought into taking a striking photo, such as a sunset on your property, a beautiful meal or a clever and relevant way of celebrating your win. Remember to include a #TravelersChoice or #CertificateOfExcellence hashtag!

Update your business' social media descriptions
Update your "About" section on Facebook and your Twitter "Bio" so when people share, or check-in, at your location anyone who clicks through will see you've received TripAdvisor praise.

Promoting your achievement using traditional marketing

Issue a press release
Go to the Management Centre for a TripAdvisor-provided template for your Travellers’ Choice or Certificate of Excellence win. All you need to do is complete your business’s details. Then issue your press release over a wire service and share with local publications.

Contact your local media
Reach out to your area newspaper or online news website and get the name of their travel, business, or general news reporter. Send them your press release via email, and offer to let them visit and photograph your business. Let them know that your good standing on the world’s largest travel site is a distinction worth talking about.

Add the Travellers' Choice or Certificate of Excellence logo to your brochure, flyers and press kit
Including your achievement in marketing materials helps you in several ways. First, it helps convince potential visitors to become definite visitors. Second, it reminds them to write a review when they get home. Put your achievement's logo somewhere prominent, such as the front or back cover of your brochure to really grab attention. Don't have standard marketing materials? Promoting your TripAdvisor achievement is a perfect opportunity to create them!

Make your achievement the focus of your advertising
Don’t just mention your TripAdvisor recognition – make it the key point. Being in good standing on TripAdvisor sets you apart from the competition, so let travellers and locals know about this latest distinction with an attention-grabbing advertisement in newspapers, magazines, radio spots, local maps for tourists and any other advertising efforts.

Promote in your event collateral
Put the Certificate of Excellence or Travellers' Choice logo front and centre on event collateral so people research for a wedding venue, team-building event or a catering order notice your recognition right away. Pamphlets, PDFs on your website and catering menus are all ideal places to include the logo.

Tip for Travellers’ Choice winners: Check the full list
You might be the only winner in your area, or the only local winner in a certain category, such as Hotels for Romance. Visit the Travellers’ Choice page to find out. If you are, make sure to promote that additional competitive advantage in your marketing materials.  

Promoting your award on your website

Add the Certificate of Excellence or Travellers' Choice emblem to your website
Showcase your recognition on your own website with a free widget that links guests to your TripAdvisor page where they can browse your guest reviews and photos. Go to the Management Centre, and under "Marketing Tools" in the top menu, select "Website Widgets" to easily download the code. 

Add your TripAdvisor achievement to your masthead and other key pages
People browsing the web take just a second to decide if they want to stay on a page. Mention your TripAdvisor recognition up top and the prominent placement will grab attention and earn the trust of travellers. Don't forget about key pages besides your homepage. In particular, your "About" page, your "News" page and your booking process should highlight your designation too.

Promoting your achievement to past and prospective guests

Mention your achievement in your email signature
This way, each email you send calls attention to your TripAdvisor recognition. Link to your listing to drive recipients to see the latest reviews, your award badge, and other fresh content.

Celebrate with past guests
It’s the great customer feedback that makes TripAdvisor achievements possible, so let guests who’ve stayed at your property, eaten at your restaurant or enjoyed your attraction know about your recent TripAdvisor recognition. Thank them for their role in getting you there, and encourage them to visit again soon! A sincere showing of gratitude can go a long way towards strengthening your bond with top customers.

Offer past visitors an exclusive deal
One way to celebrate with past guests is to offer them something other customers can’t get, like a better discount or privileged access to perks. As a plus, you’ll drive engagement and extra bookings while you promote your new recognition as a top business on TripAdvisor.

Feature different employees in your emails
Your staff is a big part of why you won, so help travellers get to know them. If you send out a newsletter, spotlight an employee who provides the great service that helped you receive TripAdvisor praise. Don’t have a newsletter? Start one now, or include this section as a callout in your one-off emails. Either way, include a quote from each staff member on what being a distinguished property means to him or her.

Tip for restaurants: Mention on restaurant review websites
Some review sites, like Yelp, focus on restaurant reviews in particular. In your business description on these sites, make sure to mention your TripAdvisor designation. The trusted TripAdvisor name will help inspire confidence in both local and travelling diners!

Tips for attractions: Offer free or reduced admission
It can be for one day or night only, or a regularly recurring offer such as every Monday for a month. And if you can extend your normal operating hours for the event, you can also pull in locals who might not otherwise be able to attend. When promoting the event, make sure to brand is as a celebration of your recent achievement.

Promoting your achievement at your business

Display your achievement at your property
Share your success with everyone who walks through your doors by putting your plaque or printed certificate somewhere prominent, such as your lobby, luggage trolleys, check-in stand or wherever you greet travellers. You can also leverage something unique about your particular property. For example, a kayaking tour operator displays the Certificate of Excellence emblem on his kayaks and paddles.

Offer visitors a photoshoot with your certificate or award
Include fun props and costumes to encourage travellers to pose with your plaque, printed certificate or framed award. You can also suggest they share the photo on social media – and check-in on Facebook or mention your property name on Twitter. With permission, post the photos to your social media accounts or website too.

Go big by printing a giant decal
Impress passerbys with a giant vinyl decal on a wall outside your building or pool area. Choose something waterproof and UV-proof so it stays looking great while exposed to the elements.

Promote your praise over the phone
Mention your TripAdvisor achievement in your phone system’s greeting, hold music or voicemail message and travellers will be even more likely to visit in person. Keep it brief so callers don’t get frustrated.

Promote your achievement in your elevators
Let guests know that your reputation, not just the elevator, is going up. You can add in the news as a segment on the video screen, or include a framed copy of your award or certificate to grab attention when travellers have nothing else to do.

Add a screen saver to your computers
Make your Certificate of Excellence recognition or Travellers' Choice award the screen saver or desktop of your business's computers.

Add your achievement to receipts
Adding the Certificate of Excellence or Travellers' Choice insignia to check-out receipts is an easy way to remind guests to write a review. Plus, it may be your last chance to remind guests of your achievement before they're out the door!

Grab attention with a gobo
A gobo is a special light that projects a customised image onto a floor or wall. Create a custom gobo with the Certificate of Excellence or Travellers' Choice logo to shed light on your recent accomplishments. This compelling marketing tactic is especially popular in clubs, restaurants, and business lobbies.

Promote your vehicles
Put a sticker, or two, on the outside of your vehicles and add a sticker to the inside of your hotel's shuttle van. Run a Segway tour? Have a delivery bike? Don't forget to promote on these vehicles as well. You can even wrap your shuttle or delivery vehicle. Go ahead, make a big statement about your achievement -- your staff deserves the attention.

Add a patch or pin to uniforms
Dress the part. Add a Certificate of Excellence or Travellers' Choice patch or pin to your employees' uniform.

Tips for restaurants: Mention your achievement in your menu
Whether it's a takeaway or dine-in menu, be sure to include your recognition on the menu to remind guests they are dining at a TripAdvisor recognised restaurant. You can even create a special menu item to celebrate with guests. Either craft something new in honour of your achievement, or not on your menu certain choices that are popular with guests and have helped you receive your Travellers' Choice award or Certificate of Excellence.

Tip for accommodations: Celebrate with a weekly happy hour
You get to promote that your TripAdvisor recognition and delight your guests at the same time. Who doesn’t like that? Plus, it gives you and select staff an opportunity to interact with travellers and win them over. Hold it in a private area to make it feel exclusive and serve drinks on coasters that feature your TripAdvisor success.

Promoting your achievement with partnerships and events

Make a donation in honour of your achievement
You’ll help support your community, and raise awareness for your business' recent recognition and a deserving local charity at the same time. Ask past and current guests to vote on the lucky charity, then issue a press release and invite the press to an event where you donate the money.

Host an event with other local Travellers' Choice or Certificate of Excellence recipients
For instance, if you run an accommodation, join together with some nearby attractions and restaurants who have also received a TripAdvisor award or recognition. Host a co-branded party to show off your property and raise awareness for your area’s success. Make sure to invite your destination marketing organisation and issue a press release too.

Team up with your destination marketing organisation
At the very least, you can ask them to mention your achievement on their website, and include a TripAdvisor badge to your business's page or description. They might also be able to feature you in a newsletter or other marketing materials. Some tourism organizations even put together events and a press release for all the local Travellers' Choice or Certificate of Excellence recipients.

Ask partner businesses to promote your success
If you already have a partnership with some local businesses, make sure they know about your achievement so they can let their customers know. If you don’t, this is a great opportunity to form some partnerships. After all, just as you benefit from the additional word of mouth, these businesses will benefit from their customers knowing they have a good relationship with a distinguished TripAdvisor business.

Let your favourite travel bloggers know
Share the news with any influential travellers you know so they can do the same. If you haven’t worked with travel bloggers before, search the web for popular ones who focus on your region or primary audience (for instance, “Thailand travel bloggers” or “family travel bloggers”).

Start promoting your achievement!

Start promoting your achievement!

Last Updated: 22 January 2014