Promoting your Travellers’ Choice award for destinations

Raise awareness about your destination’s prestigious award by following this checklist to promotional success.

Congratulations on winning your Travellers’ Choice award! Your visitors have spoken, and other travellers are ready to listen. So spread the word about this high praise to attract new visitors to your award-winning destination.

Start by following our “Popular tips for getting started” to put together some momentum. Then focus on the checklist in “New tips for you” so even more travellers can discover what makes your destination so special.

Popular tips for getting started

Lead with the traditional tips below so you cover all the basics.

Send out a press release

Want help? Use the template in the Management Centre and fill in the details about your destination. Or create your own press release by starting with an attention-grabbing headline and briefly covering the “who, what, when, where, why and how”, so the media knows why your Travellers’ Choice award is important. Then contact a wire service to send out your press release.

Put the Travellers’ Choice logo in your advertising and marketing

This sign of reliability is trusted all around the world, so advertise your win far and wide. You can use the Travellers’ Choice winners’ logo in print, online and on television. Make sure to mention your award in radio spots, too. The logo and usage guidelines are available in the Management Centre.

“Winning the Travellers’ Choice accolade is very special to the Cayman Islands because it comes to us as a result of many thousands of visitors voluntarily posting their reviews about their Cayman Islands vacation experience. We are therefore delighted to receive this prestigious award.” — Shomari Scott, Director of Tourism, Cayman Islands Department of Tourism

Add the award widget to your website

Every visitor to your website is a potential visitor to your destination, so make sure they all know about your win. Get the free Travellers’ Choice widget in your Management Centre or on our widgets page.

Announce your win on social media

Engage with existing fans and create new ones by sharing the news in social forums. Download the popular Tripadvisor Facebook App, where you can display your awards, reviews and photos. You’ll also find a pre-written Facebook post and Tweet in the “Display your award” page of the Management Centre. Use them to share the good news with your followers.

Contact your local media

Reach out to your area newspaper or online news website and get the name of their travel, business, or general news reporter. E-mail them your press release, and invite the reporter to meet with you about writing a story. Local news outlets especially will want to know that your destination has won an award on the world’s largest travel site.

Promote your win with locals

Boost local pride and make sure the whole community knows you won so they can let others know too. Promote your win in local advertising, from signage to community messages and more. The Travellers’ Choice winners’ logo is available in the Management Centre.

New tips for you

Just as you want your visitors to explore more than just gateway attractions, it helps when you go beyond traditional promotion with these additional activities.

Notify your local hospitality businesses

Energise your built-in network of supporters by sharing the news. Accommodations, attractions and restaurants all stand to benefit from new visitors coming to town, so ask them to promote your Travellers’ Choice award as well.

Organise a photo shoot with local owners

Your local hospitality business owners helped your destination win over travellers, so why not celebrate with a photo shoot? Pick somewhere visually striking and include a select few photos with your press release.

Make a donation in honour of your win

You’ll help support your community, and raise awareness for your win and a deserving local charity at the same time. Ask past and current guests to vote on the lucky charity, then issue a press release and invite press to an event where you donate the money.

Add a Milestone post on Facebook

Receiving an award seems like a great milestone to add to your timeline. Instead of sharing a status or photo, click on “Event, Milestone+” and add in a few details and a photo. Your milestone post will span the entire width of your timeline, grabbing even more attention on Facebook!

Promote in your event collateral

Whether people are researching convention sites, family holiday destinations or group trips, you want your prestigious award to be front and centre. Leaflets and landing pages on your website are ideal places to include your award.

Update your mobile website

Mobile travellers are especially pressed for time when researching destinations and nearby accommodations, activities and restaurants. Showcasing your award on your mobile site gives them another reason to stop searching and start having a great time.

Mention your award in your e-mail signature

Each e-mail you send will raise awareness of your Tripadvisor award. Link to your destination page on Tripadvisor to drive recipients to see the latest reviews, your award badge and other fresh content. Everyone on your staff should update their e-mail signature as well.

Promote your win over the phone

Mention your Tripadvisor award in your phone system’s greeting, hold music or voicemail message and travellers will be even more likely to visit in person. Keep it brief so callers don’t get frustrated.

Let your mailing list know

Visitors who signed up for your newsletter will want to know about the exciting news. Link to a blog post with more details or feature the highlights in the e-mail itself, and ask your fans to share the news with other travellers. The news also makes for a great reason to invite visitors back to your destination.

Create signage that promotes your win

Grab attention at conventions and other events by including your Travellers’ Choice award on signage. You can also use signage to impress visitors at your tourism centre. It’s a good conversation starter in any situation.

Let your favourite travel bloggers know

Share the news with any influential travellers you know so they can do the same. If you haven’t worked with travel bloggers before, search the web for popular ones who focus on your region or primary audience (for instance, “Thailand travel bloggers” or “family travel bloggers”).

Last Updated: 14 February 2014