TripBarometer 2014: Insights on the Booking Phase

Here are four exclusive insights and tips centred around bookings, based on results from TripBarometer, the world’s largest accommodation and traveller survey.

So far, we’ve highlighted what you need to know about the planning and budget phase of travel. In this piece, we’re focusing on TripBarometer findings about the ever-popular bookings phase.

The Insight: Hoteliers report that many travellers book their accommodation within two weeks of arrival.

Travellers are swayed by good deals, even as they plan to increase their 2014 budget. The majority of travellers prioritise booking flights first to get the best price, and are more willing to wait to book their accommodation. Interestingly, Middle Eastern travellers are almost twice as likely to book within two weeks of their trip compared to African and North American travellers:

  • Middle Eastern travellers – 65%
  • South American travellers – 48%
  • Asian travellers – 47%
  • European travellers – 38%
  • Australasian travellers – 37%
  • North American travellers – 35%
  • African travellers – 34%

The Tip: Generating bookings isn’t just about what you say. It’s also about when you say it. If you’re seeing a lot of travellers waiting to book with you, then make sure to time some of your Special Offers, e-mails to existing customers and other marketing accordingly, so you can reach this segment of your audience when they’re primed to book. 

The Insight: More hoteliers worldwide say they generate bookings with TripAdvisor than with other review sites and online advertising combined.

Chances are your competitors are grabbing traveller attention where it matters most. Are you? 51% of hotelier respondents say they generate bookings with TripAdvisor, compared to only 25% with other review sites and 21% with banner ads and other online advertising. And we don’t need survey results to know you’d like even more direct bookings for your property.

The Tip: If you’re looking to simplify your marketing, try devoting more of your efforts on reaching travellers on TripAdvisor. You can respond to traveller reviews, upload photos and more for free. You also have the option of a Business Advantage subscription, which lets you add Contact Details, access powerful analytics and more.  

The Insight: For their most recent trip, 2 out of 3 global travellers booked their accommodation online.

When we asked travellers why they booked that way, the most common reason was they got a better price. Those who booked through TripAdvisor or another travel review website specifically were motivated by the convenience of comparing properties.

The Tip: For travellers hunting for their most appropriate experience, make sure your property page highlights what makes your property unique. Turn the reasons why guests book with you into selling points when marketing your property. And with TripAdvisor instant booking, travellers can book on TripAdvisor without leaving the site. Instant booking provides a simple way for you to capture a share of this business on a pay-per-booking commission basis. 

The Insight: 45% of global hoteliers currently accept mobile bookings.

Leading the way are hoteliers in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Good thing too, because travellers are increasingly connected while on-the-go: 1 in 4 global travellers research accommodations on their mobile while they’re already at their destination.

The Tip: If you want your fair share of mobile bookings, take a look at our guide Mobile Marketing: How to get Your Share of $8 Billion in Mobile Bookings. You’ll get the pros and cons of various mobile-friendly website options and even mobile apps. After all, it’s worth noting that the TripBarometer survey reveals that hoteliers with a mobile offering are more likely to be optimistic about business profitability in 2014.

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Last Updated: 3 February 2017