5 ways to make your Tripadvisor property page attract families

What you include in your property description, photos and videos can send a strong 'family friendly' message, so consider these suggestions in each section of your listing.

When you update your Tripadvisor property page, you maximise your business’s visibility when travellers are looking for places to stay. If the traveller in question is a parent planning a family vacation, you can optimise your listing to convert them into guests. What you include in your property description, photos and videos can send a strong 'family friendly' message, so consider these suggestions in each section of your listing:


Don’t skimp on the description section. Beyond a general overview, dedicate a paragraph to what’s offered to families. Include any awards, accolades or positive mentions in family magazines or on family travel websites. Also mention if your property is across the street from, or within a five-minute walk of, a popular amusement park, zoo, beach or public park that children would enjoy.

Play up your location, especially if your property is near a well-known city or attraction. Your information is shown to travellers on all 30 Tripadvisor sites in 21 languages, and someone in a different country may not know, for example, that Kissimmee is near Orlando, or that Dartford is near London.


Customise the amenity icons bar for your property so that the first ones to appear are those that mean the most to families. These include: free breakfast, swimming pool, kids’ activities, kitchenette, suites, beach and shuttle services.


Make sure the photos you upload speak to families. Parents want to see photos of large, clean guest rooms, as well as restaurants or dining areas that aren’t too “fussy”. This is also your chance to show off your swimming pool, beachfront area and playground. Also include photos of your family programmes, such as kids’ clubs, or mascot character meet-and-greets.

In addition to the places featured in the photos, the people in the photos are also important. Parents want to see children having fun. The message you send is that your property welcomes children, and offers programmes and amenities that cater to them. Natural and informal photos work well too, because they convey authentic experiences.

Show that your property caters to families of all sizes and configurations, and consider that more families are travelling with multiple generations.

In addition to photos with children, consider photos of couples enjoying their own activities, such as a spa treatment or fine dining. Parents appreciate properties that offer supervised kids’ programmes and the opportunity for some free time.

Special Offers

If you have a Tripadvisor Business Listing, use this box to promote your family-oriented packages, especially “children stay free” or “children eat free” deals. Other valuable family offers include tickets to local attractions, free parking and upgrades to suites.


Once you have created a family package or Special Offer with a compelling name, like “Fall into Family Fun at the Fairmount”, use the Announcement section to make it stand out. Time these announcements to appear six weeks to three months prior to the promotion’s start date. Keep this time frame in mind when offering special deals for the Summer Holidays (July and August in Britain), or other school holiday weeks, like the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and Easter Holidays, which for most British schools occurs sometime in March or April.

Mobile Solutions

Millions of travellers use the Tripadvisor mobile website and mobile app every month. Many of these planners are busy parents who are checking their devices for deals while they’re on-the-go, waiting for their kids to finish football practice or a dance lesson. If you’re not sure the market is there for your property, track it. Offer a deal that’s only available through Tripadvisor and give it a code of “MOB” or similar, so then you can quantify the resulting mobile-generated bookings.

Finally, remember to respond to reviews

The ability to respond to reviews of your property, both positive and negative, is an important tool which you should use if you want to attract families. It’s especially important to address any negative reviews relating to families or children. Parents make travel decisions based on word of mouth, so positive feedback is worth its weight in gold. 

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Last Updated: 12 November 2013