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TripCollective Overview:

Where shared experiences help travellers everywhere
TripCollective is our enhanced contributor programme that recognizes you each time you add to Tripadvisor. Think of it as your travel community’s way of saying ‘thanks’ for helping us collectively travel better.
Contribute experiences, receive points.
Write reviews. Post photos. Share ratings. Everything you contribute - plus all you've contributed in the past - builds your TripCollective points. See all the ways to get points.
Build Points Now
Review 100points
Photo 30points
Video 30points
Forum Post 20points
Rating 5points
Receive points, reach new levels.
The more points you get, the higher your level - and the more you're recognised in the travel community for your contributions. Your TripCollective level appears in your traveller profile.
Get Closer to Your Next Level
Level6 10,000points
Level5 5,000points
Level4 2,500points
Level3 1,000points
Level2 500points
Level1 300points
Collect badges, show your expertise.
Build TripCollective points to receive a variety of traveller badges, then display them in your profile to showcase your unique knowledge. See all the badges you can collect.
Go After Your Next Badge