Trust & Safety at Tripadvisor

At Tripadvisor, we want to help you find ‘The Good Out There.’ Travel brings out the best in us, lifts deserving businesses, and strengthens the communities we meet along the way.

When we travel, it reminds us that the world is a friendly place, that people are more generous than we may remember, and that we share more in common with our fellow travelers than not.

We built a platform where strangers can help each other plan unforgettable trips and share their experiences by writing reviews of their favorite spots. We believe in the strength of people sharing with others in the community and that sharing those experiences leads to the best advice for future travelers. And we know when we travel the way we want, it empowers us to unlock the good in ourselves and the world around us.

Within Tripadvisor Trust & Safety, our mission is to create a safe and friendly environment by implementing strong Community Policies and meaningful standards.

Latest updates
Tripadvisor lists businesses, places, and points of interest that are relevant to travellers and which meet our guidelines. The guidelines for eligibility to be listed by category are below....