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Ontario Holiday Rentals

Holiday rentals in Ontario
Ontario is one of the largest provinces in Canada, and home to some of Canada's largest cities such as Toronto and Ottawa. Ontario is larger than the United Kingdom, and the vastness of this province provides plenty of variety & diversity for those visiting Canada. As such, there are plenty of good holiday lodges for rent in Ontario, and with some less than $400 a week holiday lodges in Ontario can be a good economical alternative to hotels.
Where to visit in Ontario
As mentioned, Ontario is a land of diversity and has some fantastic natural landscapes. To begin with, there is the Niagara Falls located on the River Niagara south-east of Toronto. This majestic waterfall is approximately 188 ft high, 2,200ft wide, and is one of Canada's most famous natural landmarks. There are a variety of vantage points around the Niagara Falls such as the Skylon Tower observation deck, and the Maid of the Mist boat trip can take you to the foot of the falls. Lakeside holiday lodges in Niagara on the Lake can also be a good to stay at when visiting Niagara. Beyond Niagara is Toronto, the largest city in Canada. Toronto's landmark CN Tower is the highest free-standing tower in the world at 1,815 ft which provides fine views of the city. Close to the CN Tower there is also the Rogers Centre stadium which hosts a variety of sports and concerts.
Family holiday rentals in Ontario
For family holidays in Ontario the Algonquin Provincial Park is a good destination. The park stretches thousands of miles, and is one of the oldest and more historic national parks in Ontario. There is some great scenery at this national park, with scenic fishing lakes set among its coniferous forests. Within the park there are various canoe lakes, the Algonquin Logging Museum, and Algonquin gallery. Rental lodges in Algonquin, such as Killarney Lodges, have a variety of amenities and can be ideal for families and larger groups.
Day trips to Ontario
Aside from Toronto, Ottawa is also one of Ontario's largest cities. Ottawa has a few great destinations for days trips such as the National Gallery of Canada. This is one of the largest museums in Canada, and displays a variety of art such as prints, drawings, photographs, and paintings from Europe, Canada, and America. In addition to this, there is the Redeau Canal which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and scenic waterway for boat trips through Ottawa. The Great Lakes area also has some more historic destinations such as the restored British stockade Fort George in Niagra on the Lake, and Fort Erie in Lake Erie.