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Cape Cod Holiday Rentals

Cape Cod Cottages
Cape Cod is the easternmost point of Massachusetts, a cape and an island jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean. It consists of fifteen or so small towns, and a huge array of beaches, golf courses and great places to eat. Cape Cod's small town feel makes it perfect for a family holiday, and you can make it a low cost holiday by opting to stay in cabin accommodation, at a fraction of hotel prices. Given the small town and rural vibe of much of Cape Cod, a cottage holiday will always feel more authentic, and with both heating and air conditioning generally included as standard fixtures, you won't have to sacrifice any comfort either.
What to do in Cape Cod
Once you're settled into your cottages, or condos if you fear the great outdoors, there are many options for enjoying your time in Cape Cod. Outer Cape Cod has a solid 40 mile stretch of unspoiled sandy beaches, and that's just a fraction of the 560 miles of coastline you can explore during your stay. If the weather turns, there are also some brilliantly interesting museums to visit, such as the Nantucket Whaling Museum, and the Cahoon Museum of American Art. There's a thriving arts and crafts community in Cape Cod, partly thanks to the artists' colony in Provincetown, so creative types will always enjoy a trip to the area. Probably the biggest international draw to Cape Cod, however, is the town of Salem, scene of the infamous witch trials where 19 villagers were executed for witchcraft. Salem has many tributes to its darkest moment of history, some of them more tasteful than others (some of the attractions seem to have missed the whole point that there were never actually any witches there), but the story of the trials is fascinating, and you can get a wonderful Chop Suey Sandwich from the snack stalls, and a high-speed ferry connection to Boston.
Renting Cottages and Condos in Cape Cod
Cottages in Cape Cod are a great money saving option, and you should easily be able to find a cottage for up to eight people for well under £1,000 a week. It's great for kids, as they can run around, let off steam and get a huge amount of fresh air, and you'll be able to relax in your very own Cape Cod home for the duration of your holiday. If you don't want to be quite so far away from the action, there are also a fair few condos to rent in some of the bigger towns, and these are not too much more expensive, but you might want to try and book during the off-season to get the best prices.