Holiday Cottages and Holiday Rentals in Northumberland, England

Northumberland Holiday Rentals

Holiday Rentals in Northumberland

Northumberland is the most Northerly County in England and a land of great historical significance. Over the centuries, numerous wars have affected its sovereignty and its boundaries and principal territories have changed ownership many times between Scotland and England. Northumberland is a county of castles, fortresses and offers outstanding interest to visitors. Renting a cottage, or even an apartment in the wing of a former farmhouse or grander home in the county, can provide a family holiday with a difference and allow visitors to get a cultural feel and association with the locale that no hotel or guesthouse can truly provide.

Holiday cottages in Northumberland

Establishing a base for your visit to Northumberland could not be easier than arranging one of the many holiday cottage rentals that exist aplenty throughout the county. Whether you want a coastal destination to enjoy the beautiful beach attractions, or prefer a moorland location with greater solitude to put you more in touch with the land, Northumberland can provide it all. The cottages are often ancient in design and in structure, with their own historical tales to tell, yet still afford comfortable and functional accommodation for adults and children of all ages.