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Majorca Villas

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All Majorca Rentals
The Spanish island of Majorca has long since been a popular holiday destination for British travellers. Majorca, with its favourable year round climate, its many coastal resorts and scenic attractions, can provide a varied and fulfilling holiday for visitors. The island has a wide choice of hotels at which it is possible to stay but its great number of holiday apartments and villas available for rental means this could not only be the most cost effective option for visitors to Majorca but the one most suited to an unrestricted and fulfilling holiday experience.
Renting a Majorcan resort apartment may be particularly suited to those with young families, who require a greater level of privacy and flexibility, or to those wishing to party away the Majorcan nights and return to their accommodation with less risk of disturbing others. The resorts themselves are extremely varied in what they offer the visitor but sun, sea and sand is likely to come as standard. The bustling nightlife of Magaluf is an excellent choice for those looking for this feature, with a fabulous and varied choice of bars and nightclubs, while Palma Nova is similarly focused. Alcudia is very much a family friendly resort, with its splendid Hidropark offering a wide range of watersports and water based activities. It also has a very historical feel to it for exploring and soaking up some Majorcan heritage. Resorts such as Puerto Pollensa, or Santa Ponsa with its magnificent scenic bay and marina, are middle grounds, likely to appeal to a variety of tastes and suit numerous holiday requirements.
Holiday rentals in Palma, Majorca
Palma is the administrative capital of Majorca and close by is the island’s sole international airport. Only a minority of visitors to Majorca will consider renting an apartment or villa in Palma but the city has a great deal to offer. Studio and multi-bedroom apartments are available, as are villas of many different sizes. Staying in Palma allows the holidaymaker to explore the ancient town and marvel at the sights such as the cathedral, while experiencing a great deal of the culture of Majorca, often missing in the resorts. Palma also boasts a very lively and exciting nightlife and car rental will allow the holidaymaker to easily visit other resorts without restriction.
Visiting rural Majorca
There is a lot more to see and enjoy in Majorca than the coastal resorts and towns. Hiring a car for a day or two allows the visitor easy access to inland Majorca and its wine producing and farming areas such as Binissalem. The area around the picturesque little town of Deia affords excellent walking and mountain biking trails, with rugged scenery and stunning views of a type not usually associated with the island. The town of Soller is perfect for obtaining authentic Majorcan souvenirs at any time, while visitors in January should not miss the annual festival, celebrating Majorcan culture, and particularly, fine and traditional Majorcan cuisine.