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Turkey Holiday Rentals

Istanbul apartment and Aegean villa Turkish holiday
Turkey offers the double attraction of a sunshine holiday and an abundance of sites of historical interest. There’s also the quirkiness of visiting a capital city that spans two continents!
Discovering Istanbul:
Turkey’s capital is typically the launch pad for getting to know Turkey and the city possesses a wealth of things for tourists to see and do. Istanbul is a vast city and straddles Europe and Asia, with the line of demarcation being the massive Bosporus Strait. Boarding a traditional Istanbul ferryboat is a great way to get a perspective on the scale and majesty of the Bosphorus Strait. You’ll travel as far as the Black Sea port of Sariyer and then back to the Golden Horn harbour in Istanbul.
Istanbul is an ancient city and has previously gone under the name of Constantinople and, prior to that Byzantium. History buffs will be in dreamland with so many important and interesting sites to explore, including the city walls (dating from the 5th century AD), the Topkapi Palace, and numerous ancient churches such as the Church of St. Saviour.
Exploring the Aegean Coast:
Hiring a villa on the Aegean Coast is a fabulous option for those looking to explore Turkey beyond Istanbul. Blessed with a Mediterranean climate, the Aegean Coast will appeal to families that enjoy sunshine, relaxing on beaches, and all manner of water-related activities. Make Bodrum your base and you can snorkel on great beaches such as Bitez or you can take a boat trip to explore secluded coves and bays. Bodrum’s clear warm waters make it one of the diving capitals of the world and divers enjoy the thrill of dive sites located close to ancient wrecks.
Whilst on the Aegean Coast, make sure that you also schedule a trip to the archaeological site of Ephesus. During the Roman Empire, Ephesus was the second largest city in the world and its ruins are steeped in history and pathos. Chief attractions include the Library of Celsus, the site of the Temple of Artemis, a gladiators’ theatre, and a gladiators’ graveyard!
Alternative Turkey – the Black Sea coast:
For those who prefer more temperate climates, Turkey’s Black Sea coastline makes for an interesting alternative Turkish holiday. This region is characterised by forested mountains and lush valleys and receives significant amounts of rainfall. The fact that it’s less of a tourist hotspot means that you’re more likely to experience an authentic taste of Turkish life and there’s plenty of beautiful scenery to enjoy, plus the legend of Jason and the Argonauts. Self catering accommodation is available, including cottages, chalets, and villas.

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